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Maldopay provides payment gateway technology for wide range of industries such as e-commerce platforms, booking engines and e-gaming websites.


One account, many options.

MaldoPay makes it easier for you to get paid online. Maldopay platform assists your business to manage all of your payments and access additional features with a single account that's free to set up.

MaldoPay is payment gateway where you can reach your clients around the world with one simple API integration. MaldoPay provides payment system solutions for wide range of industries.

Our development team is always on the loop for new payment solutions, so we can offer you variety of choices and options to meet your customers’ needs.

Our headquarters is in Malta. Nevertheless, we offer services to over 15 countries all worldwide.

MaldoPay Payment methods

Payment methods. For all opportunities.

Maldopay offers variety of choice in terms of payment methods for the ease of the merchants. Our team is ready to work for you to create your own exclusive payment solution system.

iFrame Integration. It`s incredibly easy.

Maldopay is thinking about your needs in your ever changing environment. Our signature iFrame integration is giving you control for how to control the gateway.

Team of developers worked really hard so you can have your unique check out page in 3 easy step . Once you created configuring is on your hand but we are always here to help.

MaldoPay iframe integration
MaldoPay json integration

JSON Integration. Go even further.

While we are catching up with changing technology we do not want you to wait for too long. JSON integration will give you chance to catch up quickly with updates and also add your own data into the mix.

If you have your own team for development and you want to do it your way, JSON integration will provide you powerful tools so you can make it as you like.

Strong & Secure. No spam, no fraud.

We are certified for PCI DSS but we do not stop there, we strive to make it even safer.

Security check points work behind the scenes, so you should not concern about fraudulent activities and your finances.

MaldoPay strong and secure


Here at MaldoPay we are doing our best to provide easy, flexible and fast payments system for our merchants.

Maldo’s features make it effortless to accept payments by anybody with many as possible payment methods.

We are striving to do that fast, simple as possible and in the most secured way for you and your clients.

MaldoPay global solutions

Global Solutions

MaldoPay make it convenient for your customers to pay you with different methods such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, electronic vouchers and wallets.

MaldoPay peymant api

Payment API

With integration of our seamless API interface with your website, will provide you with chance to catch up quickly and add your own important data into the mix.

MaldoPay protection

Advanced Fraud Protection

We have an excellent fraud system with many rules applied to each and every transaction. Even more we are certified with PCI-DSS certification and we are maintaining at all times secured environment for our clients.

MaldoPay admin tool

Admin tool

We offer you great admin toll with an easy to use reporting. Even more with this admin tool you can create your own limits.

Payment Solution

Our solutions are custom made for you.

We offer you wide choice of check-out options.

You can create your own limits.

We are reliable payment gateway for round-the-clock transactions.

We provide you with an easy-to-use reporting system and admin tool.


If you want to be our partner, we have several options for development of partnership.

Merchant Partners

This option is for mid & large size business, such as shopping sites and e-gaming sites.

Developer Partners

This option is for developers and other who want to integrate directly our product for their client.

Retail Partners

This partnership is for smaller commercial business.


Easy integration of our product and support through all of the process.

Easy Integration:

Our gateway is easy adaptable for integration on merchant website. Maldopay is doing everything possible to develop endurable product with the most simple and user friendly design. We have iFrame integration which is incredibly easy. Our signature iFrame integration is giving you control on how to control the gateway. Team of developers worked really hard so you can have your unique check out page in 3 easy steps.

JSON Integration:

JSON integration will give you chance to catch up quickly with updates and also add your own data in to the mix, which can make it more friendly and easy for you.

If you have your own team for development and want to do it your way XML integration will provide you powerful tools so you can make it as you like. Moreover, our developers can easily provide you with tips on how to do it simply and in the most fast and proficient way for you.


Here at MaldoPay security is our top priority, which we try to provide to our clients.

Maldopay knows this is one of the main and most important subject for most of the online companies and especially for our clients. Our team of security is constantly following the latest security measures and implementing them in our product to deliver the best service to our clients. Furthermore, we are PCI-DSS certified.

Mobile Friendly:

MaldoPay is mobile friendly since we know most of the transaction nowadays are happening via mobile phones.


How Maldopay works?

Maldopay operates by allowing merchants to accept online payments for their goods and services. Maldopay is reseller payment gateway, therefore we collect different payment methods and list them in one place. We offer all of them to our clients.

Firstly, the merchant signs a contract, goes through KYC and all legal papers, and integrates their website with Maldopay.

Secondly, customers of the merchant will be able to order on the merchant’s website. Consequently, they will be able to pay the service within Maldopay secure PCI DSS compliant payment page.

Finally, when the order is completed successfully, we send the customer an order confirmation and then redirect them back to the merchant’s website.

How to open account in Maldopay?

Just go to and register your company site by inputting email and password.

How to open a brand?

You need to get inside of your merchant account, then you click on add brand and your brand will be created.

How long does it take for merchant application form to be approved?

This takes up to 1-4 weeks depending on the documents and licenses that the merchant needs to provide.

How long does it take to integrate Maldopay?

Depends on the partner developers’ team ability to integrate Maldopay at their merchant web-site.

What is the commission of Maldopay payment methods?

Prices vary and depend on the volumes of the merchant.

What type of products and services does MaldoPay support?

MaldoPay supports physical goods, electronic goods, e-gaming and services.

What payment methods does Maldopay offer to my customers?

Maldopay is reseller payment gateway, therefore our platform provides to our merchants different payment technologies from companies that offer payment solutions. Maldopay offers variety of third party payment methods. As a result merchant’s clients can purchase different goods, top up their account or withdraw money.Maldopay resells variety of payment options for deposit and withdraw. These methods include E-Vouchers, debit /credit card processing via licensed acquiring companies as well as crypto currency methods. Maldopay does not settle any funds directly, settlements will be done by third parties work with processing entities. Maldopay strictly resells payment technologies from our third party payment method providers to our merchants.

What currencies does Maldopay support?

All major currencies, more info at our [email protected]

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