Payment methods. For all opportunities.

Maldopay is committed to reach every corner of the world with variety of payment method so your company can reach all different clients on all different industries.

Maldopay team is ready to work for you to create your own unique payment solution.

Payment Solutions

iFrame Integration. It`s incredibly easy.

Maldopay is thinking about your needs in your ever changing environment. Our signature iFrame integration is giving you control for how to control the gateway.

Team of developers worked really hard so you can have your unique check out page in 3 easy step . Once you created configuring is on your hand but we are always here to help.

iFrame Integration

XML Integration. Go even further.

While we are catching up with changing technology we dont want you to wait for too long. XML integration will give you chance to catch up quickly with updates and also add your own data in to mix.

If you have your own team for development and want to do it your way XML integration will provide you powerfull tools so you can make it as you like.

XML Integration

Strong & Secure. No spam, no fraud.

We are certified for PCI DSS but we dont stop adding more security for you . Maldopay implement variety of security measures for your clients and also all the payment methods that we introduce you to reach out different clients.

Security check points works behind the scenes will be looking out for you for every purchase done on your site so you dont have to worry for fraudelent activities.

Strong & Secure